Test Automation Day

I’ll be happy to speak tomorrow at Test Automation Day (online), held by SauceLabs. I’ll talk about the journey through test automation, and how this journey can be “scaled” for quite big IT teams.

Automation at scale : journey for ambitious teams.
When many organizations want to move forward to continuous testing, some of them face several challenges. How to introduce massive test automation in big organizations ? How to scale and still get value with these changes ? What is, as an organization, our best asset for our success ?
Have a look on the journey of a big financial organization, and learn how they manage to introduce a test automation practice in a 2500+ IT division. Find out what you can apply on your side, if you have the ambition to make it works for dozens or hundreds of tester, in your own company.

Feel free to join here !

SauceCon 2020 Online: Replay

Good news: replay for SauceCon 2020 Online is now available. You can watch recordings of the first online edition directly from the event’s agenda. You have to be logged in to be able to start watching.

Here are my favorites:

Of course, my talk about Dynamic Test Environments for Continuous Testing can also be watched in replay.

Needless to say, doing SauceCon Online was not the plan. The current pandemic situation has forces SauceLabs, the organizer, to reconsider the original event which was supposed to be held in Austin, TX. I was pretty impressed how the SauceCon organization team was able to move forward and set up a fully online event in such a short notice.